My Very first Car - Pimpin My Ride

I pimped my first car accidentally: literally accidentally. My first car will be a 1971 dodge challenger and that i was driving home in the lake when I spun out and dented the wheel about the cement island. After i bought the car it included the stock wheels and also the tires were fairly worn. I desired to replace the dented wheel anyway so why wouldn't you go all the way and obtain a whole new set. Since the wheels were slightly larger then your originals I'd need newer and more effective treads as well. This was to become the first of many expenses I'd cover with this particular car. Many of which unfortunately were not from the pimping kind.

I obtained a set of 5 spoke chrome wheels plus some Goodrich radials. I was a teenager just from school so I were built with a limited budget, that we had just spent. Money from the lawsuit when a truck clipped me: that is another story. Anyway I loved how a new wheels looked. After a couple of days I remarked that the rest of the car looked just a little plain compared to those shining rims. Recently i purchased some pin stripping tape and also got to work. Several rolls later and before my fingers seized up I'd a pleasant set of pinstripes. I used to be quite proud of myself, especially since i have was a rank amateur at anything automotive. Therefore i gave myself a pat concerning the back hopped in my shiny wheeled pin striped ride and laid a pleasing long patch of rubber to celebrate.

It wasn't ahead of when I noticed that the interior was looking a little boring compared to the outside. I loved the stock three-spoke controls but went with a brand new polished wood controls. I found some great seat covers and completed the inside transformation. Good thing I'd got overtime at the office. So once more I smoked the tires while resting comfortably during my pimping new seat covers with my hands firmly gripped around the varnished mahogany steering wheel.

Things were going great until I opened nest to my pal one day. I couldn't hear him because his car was thumping like herd of stampeding herd of elephants. After he drove off I realized I'd to get rid of my anemic stock sound system. Back to work to inquire about more overtime. Luckily the mill was actually busy in those days. Well a few weeks later I had been tearing out the dashboard and installing my new Pioneer stereo, mounting the speakers inside the front doors and also the back windowsill, and bolting down the amps and boom box within the trunk. One more time I sat in those cushy seat covers and thrilled my pimped out ride. I used to be rumbling and thumping as I peeled out of the driveway. The neighbors should have loved me then.

Sadly that was the end of my pimping adventures with my first car. Next that old Challenger wanted a tad an excessive amount of attention; brake jobs, blown cylinder heads, new carburetor. I never will keep up long enough to think about it that next stage. About a year later I sold her.When my daughter gets her first car and desires to throw in a DVD player with my money obviously I'll just sit her down and tell her "I pimped my first car..."