Thoughts On A Challenging Custom Car audio and video Job

Could an automobile owner have custom car audio and video added to a vehicle with “lambo doors”? That question has popped to the head of a freelance writer in California. Mcdougal has previously witnessed all the operations involved in the procedure for adding custom car audio and video to a Jeep Cherokee. Now she's learned that car owners are now being encouraged to get Lamborghini-like doors.

That freelance writer hesitates to assume what she may next get in her driveway. In November of 2005 mcdougal found two young males using her driveway since the site for the addition of custom car audio and video. One of those two lads had taken a training course on auto mechanics using the former instructor at Culver City Senior high school, a school close to Sony studios. He'd agreed to share his knowledge using the writer’s son. Hence, the pair of them had commenced the long process necessary to complete a custom car audio and video job.

At some point the writer’s son called to his mother and invited her in the future outside and to see for herself what her son and the friend were doing. What that writer saw was two car doors using the “stuffing” pulled out of them. Searching for a custom car audio and video system had led those two teenagers to place speakers within the doors of the Jeep Cherokee.

Both “stereo specialists” did not show mcdougal how they had wired the speakers towards the power source and also to the amplifier. Their failure to grant mcdougal a look at their wiring operations is responsible for that writer to now reflect on a particular question: Could an automobile with car speakers within the doors also have “lambo doors”? Quite simply, could a car owner who enjoyed the sound delivered by custom car audio and video logically expect to add “lambo doors” to that particular same car?

Mcdougal has seen pictures that demonstrate how the “lambo doors” swing upward, rather than swinging out. Wiring speakers into such doors appears to be to present a real challenge. Could one have custom car audio and video in a car with such doors? One writer in California really wants to know.